Get Enrolled in the Brown Scapular!

If you're going to wear the Brown Scapular and make it a part of your Catholic life you need to get yourself enrolled. But not to worry, getting enrolled in isn't complicated at all. Here's a brief summary of what the Church teaches about enrollment in the scapular and how to get enrolled yourself.

Why do I need to get enrolled?
In order to wear the scapular according to the directives of the Church, to be assured to receive its incredible spiritual protection, graces, and blessings, individuals are required to be enrolled or invested by a Catholic priest or deacon. Formerly, enrollment in the Brown Scapular could only normally be done by priests of the Carmelite order. However, over the last century, the Church has eased the restrictions on enrollment. Now any priest or deacon may enroll persons in the Brown Scapular  

What is enrollment?
It's a very short, simple, solemn ceremony conducted by a priest or deacon where one is formally invested in the Brown Scapular and assured of its incredible graces.

How does one get enrolled?
The best way to get enrolled is to ask your pastor or local priest. Contact your parish office. You can also try to ask father before or after mass to see when he might be available. You can even tell him that you brought a printout of the enrollment ritual (download below). But be careful to not assume that he will be available immediately. The modern priest has many faithful to care for and many demands on his time. This is not to say you shouldn’t ask. YOU SHOULD and don’t delay! We only say this to remind everyone to be considerate of the many responsibilities of today’s priests.

To download a PDF of the Brown Scapular Enrollment Ceremony, click below:

Enrollment Ceremony Ritual Preview