What is the Scapular? (Working...)

So What's the Scapular, Really?

A scapular is a simple garment worn by members of many religious orders such as the Carmelites, Benedictines and Dominicans. It's worn over the shoulders (“scapula” in Latin) and hangs down in front and back, usually to about the bottom of their habit (what “religious” call their uniform). The historically woolen garment dates back to the early centuries of the Church. What began as a practical article of clothing to protect the habit during work was later invested with tremendous spiritual significance, as a physical sign of spiritual protection and consecration to God.

What is commonly referred to as the “Brown Scapular” or just the “scapular” and officially known as the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, is a small garment made of two pieces of cloth (generally about an inch square), connected by cords and worn over the head. These scapulars are miniaturized versions of the ones worn by members of the Carmelite religious community. This scapular, worn almost like a necklace has traditionally Catholics of all ages, all over the world